About Oxycodone Abuse


It is a sad reality that prescription drugs are abused by a lot of people next to marijuana. These drugs are supposedly used to treat pain, anxiety and others related to this kind however, there are people who opt to abuse the use of these drugs.

Nowadays, oxycodone is tagged as the most abused prescription drug by many. This drug can treat mild to severe pain. The main reason why this drug is being abused by many of its users is because it has a very high level of addictive content. It is one of the drugs that belong to the group of opiates which in fact has a towering degree of addictive ingredients. Most of individuals who opt to abuse this drug are unaware or unconscious that they are already drifting into a habitual addiction to this kind of drug. This drug is capable of making a person dependent on it right away upon taking it.

The story about the abuse of this drug will start upon prescription to relieve a pain. Then, this drug can provide the user with a euphoric feeling that will become the start of the addiction. That feeling can be equivalent to the feeling of being drunk.

You can observe some signs and warning signs that can lead to a more serious case of oxycodone abuse or addiction. There are apparent clues that you can observe to your loved ones and you have to do something so that you can be able to save them from a more serious trouble ahead. You can observe that a person is suffering from depression and you can notice that seemingly because he or she exhibits unstable emotions. This is more common to happen among teens so parents should really be aware and must raise their awareness to avoid future troubles.

Another sign or warning is that when the person is looking or changing physician from another all the time. Since this drug needs prescription, they have to change doctors for them to have a continuous supply of this medicine. Without a doctor’s prescription, it would be very hard for them to purchase the said drug.

A sudden change towards the attitude of an individual could also be a sign. A concrete example is when they became careless about making a decision or something that previously, this trait is not their usual character. A feeling of confusion could be noticed to them as well. That is another side effect if they will abuse this drug. You can observe also that they will no longer enjoy in most activities that they are previously happy performing. Their entire behavior will come to a major change and the worst thing that may happen is that their education and work will then be affected negatively. The sudden change on their behavior can cause havoc on the way they live that can put their bright future at stake.

This drug is very strong that it could possibly ruin the lives of your love ones even you, you are not exempted on this kind of addiction. So if you care for them and for yourself. You really have to raise your awareness in so that no one will fall from this kind of bad scenario.




Prescription Pill Abuse And Rehab


There are hundreds of thousands of American people who are under the addiction of prescription drugs. Being addicted to these kinds of pills is as devastating and dangerous as alcohol addiction and street drugs addiction. These drugs which are known to be pain killers contain a very high amount of addictive ingredients. They belong to the group of medicines called opioids which is well known for its addictive components.

Although it is well known that these prescription drugs can be a big danger to anyone who will take it as a medication, it is still a very useful drug that could treat millions of people who are suffering from severe pain. That’s why, it cannot be banned. The thing is the authorities, health professionals and the persons who will take these kinds of medicines including their relatives should take the accountability to prevent future trouble. If in case that a person is already affected it is important to act immediately as much as possible. To save someone who is under this kind of drug addiction, an intervention is highly required and the need to send them to a drug rehab is really necessary.

It doesn’t mean literally that if a medicine is prescribed by a physician, it will no longer cause any harm. That’s not the case most of the times and this is the common excuse that you can hear from these persons who are under the prescription pills addiction. Meanwhile, the reports showed that the drug rehab patients who are prescription pills addicts are increasingly going out of control and become new alcohol and street drugs addicts. There are a lot of people who died already because of the interaction and symptoms from the prescription drugs so it’s not just a thing that one can neglect or taken for granted. This is becoming a very serious issue nowadays.

Most of the affected persons also tend to refuse to undergo drug treatment and detox than you can never imagine. Approaching them can be described as hitting a thick brick wall; it’s a big challenge, isn’t it? They are nothing different from the other characteristics of addict persons and they also know that they need help. However, the addiction is really on their system and no matter how you intervene, they can no longer resist with the addiction. They will basically argue with you and will say that there is nothing wrong on what they are taking because they will insist that the pills that they are taking came from a doctor. This is their common alibi for them not to enter a drug detox or rehab.

If you know someone that is a prescription drug addict, especially if they are a relative of yours, you should give it a try to help them. Their lives could be at stake if they will not undergo medication and treatment. If you notice some signs of addiction to them, do not hesitate to call a professional who can deal with this issue.



Prescription Pill Addiction


There are a lot of people who are troubled in dealing with the addiction to recommended pills. Many Americans are prone to excessive use of these pain killers. A high number of percentages of its population are very vulnerable to this kind of addiction. Thus, it became a very big problem of the health sector most primarily by the Drug Enforcement Administration. Basically, these prescription pills belong to the group of pain killers called opioids, a type of medicine that contains a very high level of addictive ingredients. This is a very strong drug that could trigger a lot of negative health symptoms. Examples of such symptoms or addiction consequences are sedation, vomiting, respiratory arrest, depression, nausea, drowsiness, coma and a lot more.

Despite of this problem of addiction faced by many users, opioids can be very vital and plays a very important role in dealing with pain. It is very necessary to be taken in order to treat severe pain. According to studies, millions of American people are suffering from tremendous pain that could last more than a day or two and the only drug that can beat this problem are those that belongs to the opioids family. So, the only recourse that a physician could prescribe is these medicines and good examples are mepridine, Oxycodone and hydrocodone. The possible addiction of one must not hinder the positive effects of these pills. No other medicine could relieve an individual suffering from a throbbing pain. That’s why there are viable options available that one can go with to prevent the possible prescription pill addiction.

The initial counter measure that can address the prescription pill addiction is not to change physician while taking an opioid pill. Going to another could affect or could produce a gap on ones history of taking pain pills. The record of a person’s pill consumption must be coherent to avoid possible abuse.

Another solution to this intriguing issue is the intervention of FDA or Food and Drug administration to call the attention of the manufacturers to change the formula of these kinds of pills. Nowadays, there are a lot of progressions being announced by its manufacturers like for example the reduction of its addictive content once crushed or chomped.

No one can put all the blame to the users who are already on the stage of addiction. It is because that these pills are responsible for making these people dependent on them. Since it is very strong and contains a very high addictive ingredient. It will be very hard for a person to resist the dependency. Unconsciously, they will fall for these and will eventually crave for more in the long run.

However, the initiative to countermeasure this rampant problem should not be the responsibility of the physicians and the authorities alone. The person involved in the prescription pill addiction and their family members should primarily take the accountability. Before hand, most probably, the doctor will already inform them about the consequences of these pills. The persons that can notice the signs of addiction upon its set up are the affected individual and their family members primarily. So, the bottom line is to report the signs immediately to the attending physician to prevent the possible future troubles.




Prescription Pills Teen Abuse


According to researches, 2,000 teenagers in the country of the United States used prescription pills without the doctor’s guidance. This kind of scenario is considered as one of the top problem of mothers who have children ages 17 years old. Some of the teenagers in the greater area of the United States obtained their prescription pills addiction from their relatives and friends. Apart from this, most teenagers make use of prescription drugs for several reasons that include easily get high and to easily alleviate the pain that they are experiencing. The top reason is that they think that prescription pills will help them to actively participate in their school’s work and activities.

Some of the teenagers especially the boys abuse prescription pills for the purpose of staying alert and alive while girls consume prescription pills to easily obtain their desired body weight. These are some of the top purpose and factors why most teenagers abuse prescription pills. However, they don’t know that abusing prescription pills have the potential to give them with the negative side effects that can harm their health. When a certain teenager becomes addicted to such prescription pills, they will find a hard time and difficulty to sleep and eat since they are longing for such drugs.

When you notice that your children is being addicted to prescription pills, the best thing that you should do is to consult a licensed physician that will help you how to get rid of drug addiction. You can also talk with your child who is addicted to prescription pills and encourage him or her to visit a drug counselor or rehab centers that will greatly help him or her to resolve the problem as soon as possible. The usual prescription pills that are being abused and misused by teenagers today include pain killers and counter medicines that are designed for colds and coughs.

It is a fact that most medications that are being prescribed by your physician are associated with side effects. It simply means that you need to be aware about the drugs that you need to consume to make sure that it will suit with your medical condition. Most of the teenagers nowadays experience harmful side effects that are due to abusing the prescription pills and some of the side effects of prescription pills include dizziness, vomiting, nausea, increase the rate of your blood pressure and find a hard time to fall asleep. According to some teenagers who make use of prescription pills, they need to consume such drugs to make them feel relaxed and awake as well as to relieve the pain that they are experiencing.

When your child is totally addicted with prescription pills, you need to get professional help and guidance from reliable rehab centers within your community to easily treat the drug addiction of your child. Treating drug addiction cases takes time before they will come back with their normal life. They need to undergone proper medication that will greatly help them to obtain their normal life in no time. Aside from teenagers, there are also adults who are also engage with prescription drug abuse and this is one of the cases that need more attention and guidance.

Prescription Pills Abuse


Are you aware with the term “prescription pills abuse”? If not, this is the best time for you to have an apparent and superior understanding about the mentioned topic. Prescription pills abuse can be defined as inappropriate way of consuming a certain pills that is being prescribed by your physician. It is true that prescription pills abuse usually occurs when a certain individual purchases pills without the supervision of a physician.

There are also cases wherein a person purchases a certain drug due to the advice of his or her relatives and friends without studying knowing if a certain drug will be right for his or her medical condition. This is one of the reasons why most people become addicted to a certain drugs since they truly believe that the said drug has the ability to cure illnesses. The usual prescription pills that are being abused and misused are pain killers.

Apart from this, there are also intended purposes why most people abuse prescription drugs that include alleviating pain, to easily fall asleep and to stay alive and awake. There are also individuals who consumed prescription pills to easily get high, usually they crushed and break the pills and snore the ingredients.

The Effects of Abusing Prescription Pills

Abusing the prescription pills can cause negative impact in your overall health. Some of the side effects of abusing prescription pills include paranoia, irregular heartbeat and high body temperature. The stated side effects normally occur when you consume the drug in a large dosage or when you swallow a pill. You will also experience slurred speech, seizures, disorientation, fatigue and shallow breathing. When you notice that you experience these harmful side effects in your body, immediately visit your physician to make sure that you will get appropriate medical assistance to treat your condition.

The most common prescription pills that are being prescribed by medical professional are pain killers and pills for colds and coughs. There are individuals who misused the prescription pills by consuming larger dosage since they believe that when they increase the dosage, it can easily treat their illness. However, their way of thinking about the effectiveness of a certain prescription pills is wrong.

When your physician prescribed you with a certain medicine, it is very important that you follow the right amount of medicine as well as the dosage that you need to consume every day. It is true that most people today are not following the prescription of their physician and this is one of the reasons why there are individuals who are being addicted to a certain medicine.

Abusing prescription pills can also cause numbness, increase the rate of their blood pressure and vomiting. In order to get rid of negative side effects of abusing prescription pills, the best thing that you should consider is to follow accordingly the prescription that is given by your physician. In this way, you can be sure that your medical condition can easily be treated as soon as possible. This is the perfect time for you to be aware about the medicines that you consumed to make sure that you will obtain a desirable result that you are searching for.

Signs of Adderall Abuse

Adderall Abuse

Do you want to know some facts about adderall abuse? Well, you came to the right place. When you hear the term “adderall abuse”, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? According to studies, adderall is the combination of dextroamphetamine and amphetamine that is widely used to cure the indications of ADHD or also known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

The drug can also be classified as a stimulant that is creatively designed for the nervous system. Basically, the drug is being prescribed by your physician and normally, taking it starts with a lower dose. According to medical professional, the adderall abuse usually occur when a certain person consume the drugs for other purpose than medical reason.

There are individuals who make use of the drug to stay alert and active all day long however if you overuse the drug, it has the ability to cause destructive side effects that will harm your health. In order for you to be familiar with adderall abuse, here are some of the side effects that you will encounter when you abuse the consumption of such drug.

Side Effects of Aderall Abuse

  • Nervousness
  • Headache
  • Restlessness
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Nausea
  • Uncontrollable body shaking
  • Changes in your sex drive
  • Weight loss
  • Appetite loss
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Dry mouth
  • stomach pain

When your physician prescribed you to consume the drug, it is very important that you take the drugs regularly. However when you stop taking the drugs and you did not follow the prescription of your physician, the instances are, you will experience severe side effects that include peeling skin or blistering, rash, hives, swelling, itching, mania, blurred vision, changes in your vision, aggressive behavior, hallucinations, paranoia, motor tics or verbal, hoarseness, chest pain, difficult speech, dizziness, numbness in your legs and arms, weakness in your legs and arms, seizures, excessive tiredness, shortness of your breath and fast or pounding heartbeat.

When you experience some of the severe side effects of adderall abuse, you are recommended to seek for medical help immediately to make sure that you will get the appropriate treatment that is designed for your condition. To easily know that you are being overdose by such drug, the signs and symptoms are irregular heartbeat, dizziness, coma, confusion, uncontrollable shakes, quickened breathing, hallucinations, restlessness and panic feeling.

It is true that adderall abuse can cause severe side effects like addiction, dependency and tolerances. When such drug is being misused, you will have a great chance to experience overdose especially when the drug is not prescribes by a licensed physician.

Treatment for Adderall Abuse

The best way to handle adderall abuse is to visit a reliable rehab center that will provide you with professional help to easily get rid of your addiction. Most of the rehabilitations that are available today have the ability to provide you with detoxification process and services that will greatly help you in treating your psychological addictions that due by adderall abuse. A solid and better understanding about adderall abuse is considered as one of the salient factors that individuals must need to know and learn. Discover the real world of adderall abuse and be aware with the drug.